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OverIP's Support Hub delivers next generation IT infrastructure support services tailored to your business practices.

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Automating support services

OverIP’s Support Hub is an AIOps platform delivering the next generation in IT infrastructure support services. Uniquely, the support hub builds operational views based on what you determine is important to your business and executes automated remediations or escalations based on your business rules.

The Support Hub allows you to architect the most potent and efficient support plan that ensures issues are resolved quickly and cost-effectively.

Use Cases

  • Delivering network support services with the Support Hub, focuses on monitoring how your network is contributing to what matters most in your business. With the focus being your business KPI, the support hub will ensure the network is meeting your business requirements. If it does not, an automated remediation can be deployed to restore the infrastructure or an escalation can be initiated. The course of action of is based on your predefined business rules.
  • Perform infrastructure audits in realtime. The support hub will ensure both your CMDB correctly reflects your infrastructure. Any inconsistency will result in a service desk ticket raised for immediate attention
  • Tired of auditing supplier SLAs? The Support Hub can continuously monitor SLA's and provide you alerts and reports when SLA's are violated.
  • Your operation states often involves more than just a single infrastructure. Build contextual insights based on what matters to your business. A 'Ready for Trade' or 'Ready for Business' view is far more meaningful. This involves asking the infrastructure questions rather than interpreting technical infrastructure variables.
  • OverIP are revolutionising IT infrastructure Monitoring. The OverIP state capture (patent pending), focuses on monitoring the operational state that best suits your business. Any digression is a clue as to why an infrastructure is failing your business. State capture answers the age old question "what changed since it was last working?"



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