Making Physical Locations Smarter

Tapway empowers businesses to scale with data without competing with the shop next door mainly in Malaysia and Singapore.

We are also expanding our reach to other APAC countries - Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam!


Most businesses are challenged with capturing data of their 'online to offline' and 'offline to online' customer experience at a physical space. 


Tapway makes collecting and analysing data of your customer behaviour at a physical space as easy as a single click of a button, like how an e-commerce platform is able to track every single "click" of your customer journey online.


Tapway SmartEngage leverages the power of Wi-Fi networks to attract customers both online and offline. Easily engage customers and boost loyalty with highly personalised messaging paired alongside location-based targeting.


Guest WiFi System with Meraki AP:

  • Branded advertising space (i.e. images, videos, survey, coupons)
  • Social media marketing (i.e. Facebook check-in, like, Instagram follow)
  • Coupon & voucher campaigns
  • Customer database collection
  • Integration with Facebook Pixel & DMP tag for omnichannel marketing
  • Guest Wi-Fi and bandwidth usage analytics
  • Visitor profiles & demographics
  • Live visitor analytics & visit timeline for profiles


People Behaviour Analytics with Meraki AP:

  • Walkby and visitor estimated counts
  • Visit duration, dwell tracking & loyalty tracking
  • Visitor flow and path analysis (i.e. how people move from zone to zone)
  • Zonal analytics
  • Aggregation by floor or node
  • Activity heatmap
  • Cross visit analytics with live dashboard analytics


With this, Tapway provide effective answers to your biggest business unknowns by collecting data from different technology touchpoints – resulting in:

  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Enhanced security



Key Features

Use Cases

  • Analyze shopper visit patterns, such as dwell time, flow and path movement, dwell heatmap in each floor and zone
  • Tapway’s unique location-based marketing feature, users were notified about marketing vouchers when they enter store
  • Providing a seamless, simple way to sign up customers without the need to download any mobile app
  • Provide a key channel for their tenants and advertisers to advertise through this popular Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Generate more than 70,000 new profiles every month
  • Increase loyalty and retention rate to above 2% with Guest WiFi campaigns

Customer Results

Flagship Mall Group with Tapway

This flagship mall group is using Tapway to primarily improve customer experience and to generate customer database for increasing average spend per person and for promoting loyalty. Besides that, the management is actively using Tapway to track footfall into mall and to analyze footfall patterns, such as shopper dwell, visit frequency, etc. Tapway Guest WiFi System solution is deployed across their malls with a total of >200 Wi-Fi access points, in partnership with Cisco Meraki.

F&B Chains with Tapway

Tapway Guest Wi-Fi and CRM solution is deployed at all 30 of their Malaysian outlets, with Guest WiFi System to provide a seamless, simple way to sign up customers without the need to download any mobile app and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) through Tapway’s unique location-based marketing feature, users were notified about marketing vouchers when they enter store.

Frequently Asked Questions

From our benchmark trials, we found out that around 20-50% of shoppers left their WiFi on or had it turned on purposely. In huge sites such as malls and buildings, the number tends to be lower around 10-20%. Therefore, Wi-Fi location data is best used as a sampling technology, where trends are derived from location movements, but numbers tend to be less accurate as not everyone is being tracked. In our mission to help retails mine data and find trends, only a fraction of overall data is needed to discover accurate insights. Similar to how traditional market research is done (with surveys and human observers), only a sample population is required to derive accurate insights about shoppers.
To ensure IT data privacy and protection, these are the measures that we take: The SSH access to the server is restricted to a single account the password for which is very strong. SSL and HTTS are implemented in our web-based application. Your login password is hashed and salted and stored in the database, so that leaves you safe against people getting access to the database. The effort required to unencrypt the password is too high for that to be a reliable way of compromising accounts. We only use the best and most secure cloud datacenters. Our chosen partner, Amazon Web Services, has a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
We offer sign-in options via Facebook, Twitter, Google and WhatsApp currently. We will be adding more localized social media network soon, such as Weibo, LINE, Wechat etc. We also integrate with other ad-hoc requests to integrate with loyalty program / membership so that members can get exclusive WiFi usage privileges. Contact us at [email protected] if you would like to have another social media method integrated into our solution.
Yes, it is possible. However, WiFi signal strength typically weakens once there is obstruction (e.g. floor, glass). From a few trials we performed, we were able to pick up signals from downstairs but only for a split second. Thus, the error resulting from these false signals is not significant. The solution to this problem is simple. You may employ more WiFi sensors at closer distances and reduce the range of each WiFi sensor so that signals from other floors will never be picked up or reduced to an insignificant level.