Teridion For Enterprise

SD-WAN Monitoring & Performance

Teridion’s cloud WAN service, with Cisco Meraki MX, delivers superior WAN performance and reliability over broadband, backed by a carrier-grade SLA.

Global, cloud-based, high-performance WAN service


Teridion provides an enterprise WAN service built on the public cloud. Just like you have come to expect from cloud computing, Teridion’s public cloud WAN service provides lightning-fast setup, global coverage, unbounded bandwidth and horizontal scale. The Teridion network is powered by Teridion Curated Routing, which fuses proven WAN acceleration techniques with metrics-driven route optimization. This gives enterprises:


  • Secure, accelerated site-to-site performance
  • Fast, consistent access to enterprise SaaS applications including superior low-loss, low-latency routing for voice and video
  • SLA backed, cost-effective replacement for MPLS
  • Full support for multi-cloud strategies with fast access to cloud workloads running in any cloud provider
  • Simple and intuitive but powerful monitoring and analytics
  • All this at a fraction of the price of carrier-grade and direct access circuits 

Teridion’s simple Cisco Meraki MX integration can be configured in minutes, and a high-performance, global WAN can be deployed and activated the same day. Learn more at www.teridion.com/meraki.      

Use Cases

  • Cloud Access: Enterprises who run some or all of their compute workloads in the cloud can encounter Internet performance issues that force them to deploy expensive direct access circuits or limit their cloud footprint. This can exclude enterprises from pursuing a multi-cloud strategy with workloads deployed across cloud providers. Teridion enables enterprises to take full advantage of the benefits of a multicloud strategy by ensuring fast, reliable access to all cloud workloads globally.
  • SaaS Acceleration: As the enterprise moves apps to the cloud, users can experience responsiveness and performance issues. Teridion brings visibility and control to SaaS application delivery by tracking application performance across sites and improving application responsiveness and throughput through route optimization and protocol acceleration. Throughput, latency, and loss between a user and any SaaS app is optimized regardless of cloud provider, without requiring dedicated access.
  • Site-to-Site WAN Performance: Teridion enables low-cost broadband access to perform like MPLS by connecting the Cisco Meraki edge to our public-cloud based WAN service. Through dynamic route optimization and protocol acceleration, Teridion radically improves TCP throughput worldwide by 2X to 15X vs regular public Internet while optimizing UDP for minimal loss, latency, and jitter. The service is global: branch offices anywhere in world can connect and accelerate through regular broadband.
  • Voice and Video Performance: Consistent, high-quality real-time communication performance remains a challenge over Internet transport. Teridion’s WAN service is protocol aware: while it maximizes throughput for TCP-based apps, it optimizes UDP-based apps for minimal loss, latency, and jitter. Teridion delivers dedicated circuit-like performance and consistency for real-time apps, backed by a carrier-grade SLA, across standard broadband connections.
  • Managed File Transfer: Teridion for Enterprise is a high-performance alternative to managed file transfer services, at a fraction of their price point. Teridion’s cloud WAN service improves throughput worldwide vs regular public Internet by up to 15x through regular broadband. Teridion’s route optimization and protocol acceleration capabilities deliver great large file transfer performance anywhere in the world. It’s why content collaboration providers like Box use us to serve their customers.
  • Remote Desktop and VDI Performance: Packet loss over the Internet and the inherent inefficiencies of TCP can often cause slow, choppy RDP performance and frustrating screen freezes. Whether it’s TCP-based RDP or UDP-based PCoIP, Teridion’s WAN service delivers rock solid, circuit-like performance and consistency, backed by a carrier-grade SLA, across standard broadband connections.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a simple IPSec connection from the Cisco Meraki MX to the Teridion edge. Our integration to Meraki takes just a few minutes to set up. The Teridion configuration is simple. Just create your locations in the Teridion portal and apply the preconfigured Meraki template to them, or just upload a csv file if you have a lot of locations. Then, from each Meraki MX, create a 3rd party IPSec tunnel to the Teridion edge IP addresses that are generated as part of the Teridion configuration, and you’re ready to go.
With Teridion, you pay only for what you use, with no hidden costs or overage charges. The more traffic one of your sites passes, the less you pay per terabyte. And you can set monthly traffic commitments for each site to ensure consistent, predictable billing. The lowest commitment is 250GB (that’s just $49 a month!).
We would welcome that. You can schedule a live demo with us at www.teridion.com/demosignup, or contact your Meraki partner for more information.
Absolutely. Teridion’s public cloud based architecture enables us to run over 400 PoPs all over the world. We deliver great performance anywhere. In fact, some of our most impressive performance gains are realized in hard-to-serve geographies. We can handle your global network effortlessly.



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