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Advanced people movement & footfall analytics providing insights to users. Live dashboard, live people flows & reports using WiFi. Installed in hours.

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People Movement and Advanced Footfall Analytics

ThinkSmarter Analytics delivers advanced people movement and footfall analytics providing insights in reports to business users showing the number or people in or near the venue.

We detect 70/80% of all people passively detecting mobile devices using WiFi as an IoT Sensor and are fully GDPR compliant.

Our solution is cloud based solution and can be used on mobile/tablet/laptops as well as reports that can be run or scheduled.

Live Dashboard

  • Live heatmap and dashboard showing how the current numbers of visitors – updated every minute.
  • A live flow-map showing how people move within the venue.
  • A summary feature showing up to now the numbers of people including comparisons with the previous day.


  • Daily reports are available, showing numbers of people by hour passing by and staying. Volume of visitors is showing by their dwell times.
  • Weekly reports are also available showing totals by day.
  • All reports are provided with an analysis that (using AI & ML) interprets the data and can be cut and paste as a summary.
  • Reports are available for the complete venue, or for any of the individual zones.

People Movement Analysis

  • The ability to analyse how people move between various zones is provided

All analytics data available via API for customers to use with other data sets.

Customer Results

  • Redbull Flugtag in Dublin City 2018

    Smart City use case with Meraki & Cisco WiFi showing the economic impact to the city from a large event with 100,000 people visiting in the Summer of 2018. The solution shows how people moved around the city and the areas that were busy at various times and how the city makes decisions in terms of management, traffic, safety and how the optimise revenue from the event organisers.

Use Cases

  • Improved Customer experience in venues - using live views to optimise use of venue, staffing and operations by focusing on where people are at anytime
  • Create new revenue streams using advanced footfall to sell to partners, retailers, and other stakeholders as a by product of having invested in Meraki infrastructure.
  • Increased health, safety and security in the venue or campus by understanding how the venue is used, how people move around and being able to take action in real-time if needed.
  • Greater insights to assist management and operations make more informed decisions based on real movement information of the visitors: what are the busy areas, where do people come from and go to, how long do they stay, what are the busy times, what conversion rates do I get etc.
  • Demonstrating the economic impact of events to a town or city - how many additional people visited, how they arrived, how long they stayed, did they disperse quickly or visit other areas etc.
  • Security, Operations and Revenue optimisation In large venues(stadiums, convention centres etc) by showing how the crowds build up, where they come from, how long they stay beforehand in the fan zones, what areas attract the greatest numbers and at what times, how they disperse, do those on the train leave faster than those in cars etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, everything is cloud based and simply needs a URL included in the Meraki dashboard to activate. All the analytics are provided via secure browser login.



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