Touchless Menu by GoZone

Safe and Contactless Menu Display

Touchless Menu creates a contactless ordering experience during dine-in service. Guests access the restaurant's food and beverage menu by connecting to a special WiFi network, which pushes the digital menu to the guest's smartphone, tablet, laptop or other WiFi-enabled device.  

The Touchless Menu is safer than sanitizing reusable menus, which require cleaning by staff members between uses. It also provides significant cost savings over printed single-use menus, while being environmentally conscious. 

While other digital menu solutions are available, they are expensive to install and maintain, or they're clunky offerings that required guests to follow complicated instructions. Touchless Menu, by comparison, is affordable and it's the easiest digital menu to use.

Restaurant operators quickly upload their current menu to a drag-and-drop menu editor with pre-built menu templates. The Touchless Menu solution is completely integrated with Cisco Meraki.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • COVID-19 Social Distancing at Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops, and More
  • Allows customers to safely and easily access food and beverage menus
  • Business owners save money on printing costs and save time on sanitizing reusable menus

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Frequently Asked Questions

When guests arrive on your property, their phone or other WiFi-enabled device may automatically detect the WiFi network broadcasting your menu. Guests can simply connect to the WiFi network and the menu will display. We will also supply you with a QR code, so guests can alternatively scan the code to access the menu.
While you might have your menu listed online, customers that are on-site may find that difficult to find. The experience of finding a menu online can be a frustrating one - from finding internet access, navigating complex URLs, and hoping for a mobile-friendly design, users often give up before successfully finding your menu. Additionally, it's easy to find old, outdated menus online. With Touchless Menu, your current menu is immediately shared with all on-site guests, eliminating frustrating web searches. Customers will be delighted to easily access your menu - no squinting or printing required!
Great! The Touchless Menu box does not interfere with existing guest or back-of-house WiFi networks. In fact, this tool will create an additional network that is completely isolated from your back-of-house network.