V-App | AI Face Analysis

AI that delivers actionable results

V-App AI Face Analysis helps you to understand how your company’s current customers are segmented, providing you the market focus needed to allocate and spend your human and capital resources efficiently. It integrates face recognition and analysis service to provide advanced insights on Cisco Meraki MV Cameras.

Age Distribution Estimate an age range, in years, for each face detected from your cameras.

Gender Identification Make gender predictions based on the physical appearance of a face in a particular snapshot.

Emotion Analysis Detect the prevalent emotion that appears to be expressed on a face.


V-App is a smart integration platform that helps businesses of any size, and users of any technical level, to seamlessly interconnect resources to accelerate digital transformation. V-App reduces the time between insight and action, ensuring the flexibility to meet customers’ business requirements.

It collects and analyses data from any digital source, proactively revealing complex scenarios, patterns, and sequences of events.

Why Choosing V-App

  • Cloud-Based: Deployed and managed securely, reliably, and scalably as a service.
  • Auto Scaling: Auto-adjustment capacity to maintain steady
  • Multi-Tenant: Single entry point for multiple tenants and customer management.
  • API Integration: Automatic operational tasks across your systems.
  • Machine learning: Powerful AI and ML capabilities to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and boost your business.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Run more effective retail marketing campaigns by using customer segmentation to personalize offers
  • Create personalized offers according to each shopper profile to drive customer loyalty
  • Know your audience and create the highest quality experience possible for visitors
  • Evaluate emotions and visitors’ satisfaction

Frequently Asked Questions

AI Face Analysis is addressed to store managers, marketers, and security officers who want to understand customer profiles and satisfaction. It is also used by Cultural Institutions, like museums, art galleries, and libraries, to find out guests’ profiles and behavior and create the highest quality experience possible for visitors.
V-App AI Face Analysis requires Cisco Meraki Cloud-Managed Smart Cameras. Second generation (MV12, MV22, MV72)
Yes, you can request a trial license via the V-App My Account


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