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Telegram Alert BOT,  a very useful App that links Telegram and Cisco Meraki Networks allowing you to receive system notifications directly on your Telegram as a normal chat session. Thanks to a simple registration process, that basically consists in framing with the smartphone camera a QR code automatically generated, it will be possible take advantage of the instant messaging platform’s features to keep in touch with your network infrastructure, wherever you are.



VAPP is the new Application Portal, powered by VIEW Real Time Intelligence.

VAPP integrates with existing Cisco Meraki infrastructure and processes data thanks to the vast extended library of available connectors. This innovative architecture, based on non-relational databases and inference engines, delivers a large amount of streaming data flow in order to help decision-making through precise and timely information on the status of the processes and assets involved.

VAPP Interactive Dashboards summarize the information available in a single view with immediate impact, and allows the user to extend and expand the Cisco Meraki dashboard capabilities. These Dashboards facilitate parameter tracking and indexes of interest through a dynamic and easily customizable comprehensive set of Apps to interact with data from Cisco Meraki network.

Use VAPP features to easily manage rules, dashboard extensions and advanced analytics in real time.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Links Telegram and Cisco Meraki Networks
  • Allows you to receive system notifications directly on your Telegram as a chat session
  • Simple registration process, just frame the QR code automatically generated with your smartphone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Telegram Alert BOT is addressed to network engineers and administrators, who need to continuously monitor network performance and health. By using Telegram Alert BOT your network team will never miss an important Meraki Alerts.
Telegram Alert BOT make sure the networks administrators gets notified when a network event occurs.
Webex Teams Alert BOT is available for all Cisco Meraki products.
Yes, you can sign up for a 15-days free trial. No credit card required. Free Trial enables you to explore the app with no limitation. You may buy a subscription at any time during the trial period.
Yes, there are several apps ready to use in the marketplace. Please visit our website ( to check out the complete apps catalogue.


VAPP – VIEW Application Portal is a project by Bizmate s.r.l. Catania, Italy