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A complete real-time Wi-Fi site surveying App

When working on planning and designing a wireless network you need a solid research and understanding the radio frequency behaviour at the spot. Normally, a wireless site survey will reveal areas of channel interference and dead zones, and will help you to deliver the required wireless coverage.

Reality is often different from plans. You may need to perform several surveys for measurements and analysis over interference. Thus, environment may change from a day to another and covered areas before may be affected from new interferences.

Wi-Fi Coverage Survey is a complete Wi-Fi site surveying app. Site surveys are performed in real-time producing more informative views of your wireless coverage.

Wi-Fi Coverage Survey App automatically supports network architects and engineers to define the areas over which signal levels need improvements. You won’t need to move around and collect Wi-Fi data of the entire area, the data will be automatically collected by VAPP which measures wireless signal in real-time and with actual data provided by your network users.

While data is being collected, a heatmap of your wireless coverage is drawn on top of a map of your survey area. You can immediately check the coverage provided by your Meraki Access Points. The process of collecting site survey data is obtained by using Cisco Meraki API.


VAPP is the new Application Portal, powered by VIEW Real Time Intelligence.

VAPP integrates with existing Cisco Meraki infrastructure and processes data thanks to the vast extended library of available connectors. This innovative architecture, based on non-relational databases and inference engines, delivers a large amount of streaming data flow in order to help decision-making through precise and timely information on the status of the processes and assets involved.

VAPP Interactive Dashboards summarize the information available in a single view with immediate impact, and allows the user to extend and expand the Cisco Meraki dashboard capabilities.

These Dashboards facilitate parameter tracking and indexes of interest through a dynamic and easily customizable comprehensive set of Apps to interact with data from Cisco Meraki network.

Use VAPP features to easily manage rules, dashboard extensions and advanced analytics in real time.

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Key Features

Use Cases

  • Automatically monitor your Wi-Fi Infrastructure. Analyze the coverage and the correct propagation of your Wi-Fi network signal to improve its performance.
  • Dynamic Heatmaps. Wi-Fi Coverage Survey heatmaps allows to perform Wi-Fi site survey easier and faster. It works by defining locations (maps, buildings) in specific geographic areas.
  • Data Storage & Comparisons. By performing Wi-Fi measurements, this App stores details of device location, signal level and other relevant data. You can compare coverages over different days and understand which conditions caused the change.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wi-Fi Coverage Survey is designed for supporting network engineers on designing and maintaining a wireless solution. This app is useful for network specialists who need to accurately measure the wireless signal strength that clients receive on their devices in order to point out any coverage flaws.
Each AP collects different wireless signal strength from each device engaged by your network, based on location, distribution and coverage. VAPP collects this data from Cisco Meraki API and feeds the Wi-Fi Coverage Survey App to offer a visual approach of network coverage analysis.
Wi-Fi Coverage Survey is available for Cisco Meraki MR Series.
Yes, you can sign up for a 15-days free trial. No credit card required. Free Trial enables you to explore the app with no limitation. You may buy a subscription at any time during the trial period.
Yes, there are several apps ready to use in the marketplace. Please visit our website ( to check out the complete apps catalogue.


VAPP – VIEW Application Portal is a project by: Bizmate s.r.l. Catania, Italy