Viana™ People Counting

Monitor traffic capacity in your physical spaces

Viana People Counting by meldCX allows you to:

  • Set capacity for your physical spaces
  • Track traffic at entrances and different zones to let you know how many people have entered or are present at various zones

Viana collects streams of non-identifiable data from cameras and sensors, blurring faces and turning each individual into a token. This means that individual privacy is protected and any data processed at the edge are anonymous.

Use Cases

  • Anonymous Audience Measurement: A core vision analytics use case that uses advanced vision AI technology to anonymously detect people – converting human data to metric data whilst ensuring that no identity information is taken.
  • Content Effectiveness: A vision analytics use case that anonymously tracks “eyeball to content” for your target segments by combining audience data and proof of play, giving you insights on content performance and campaign strategy.
  • Programmatic Digital Out Of Home: A vision analytics use case integrated with digital media network platforms to deliver relevant and timely content to an audience at the exact time they are in front of a screen, creating a meaningful digital experience.
  • Traffic Measurement for Vehicles: Vision AI for cars and traffic combines multiple object detection technologies to track large objects moving in road traffic and capture vehicle metrics including vehicle colour and type, license plate, speed, and direction.
  • Synthetic Data Creation: Synthetic data creation speeds up data preprocessing by constructing virtual worlds to generate multiple image variations. The data engine transforms it into preprocessed annotated datasets that are ready for machine learning models to consume.
  • Machine Learning Model Training: Machine learning model training simulates real world processes with 3D automation to train ML models with synthetic image datasets. These ML models autonomously runs training cycles in the game engine until baseline accuracy levels are achieved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our standard trial period is 1 month (30 days). However, if you'd like an extension just email us! We want you to love the product before making a decision.
Network and installer setup will be 7 days SLA. Hardware procurement is determined by availability and shipping time.
Our People Counting solution captures audience data through high-performance face-mapping that is then tokenised in the system. This means Viana does not keep any identifiable personal information, respecting individual privacy.