Virtual Command 3D

IoT Management and Security for Meraki

Virtual Command 3D is the leading operations platform for situational awareness and IoT management. Top enterprises and the department of defense use Virtual Command 3D to manage and visualize their IoT endpoints using dynamic 3D visualizations to see insights that aren't visible in 2D and Artificial Intelligence to run correlation analysis on IoT sensor data, network performance into a single connected view reducing MTTR and MTTD by 25%.

Virtual Command 3D works on any VR/AR reality headset, desktop, laptop, or Webex device allowing for remote cross-platform collaboration from anywhere in the world in real-time. Monitor network topology in 3D,  see building renderings with real-time heatmap overlaid and playback incidents to see correlations across the entire network.

Virtual command 3D features 3Data's new voice-activated AI Assistant named Apollo. Use your voice to tell Apollo what data you want to see and Apollo will run machine learning across your IoT devices to give you instant insight. Apollo also pushes real-time notifications and can even help you manage endpoints remotely. 

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Reduce Operation Center CapEx infrastructure costs by up to 83%
  • Reduces Operation Center OpEx by up to 73%
  • Reduce MTTR & MTTD by more than 25%
  • Remotely manage and monitor multiple Meraki networks

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Virtual Command 3D uses VR & AR headsets to give additional 3D visibility into your IoT network but Virtual Command 3D also works with Webex Devices and 2D desktops.