Visitor Management | PlaceOS

Streamline Visitor Management & Access

  • Automate visitor access through PlaceOS Integrations
  • Remove unnecessary pain-points for guests
  • Provide simple and secure access through any physical gateways
  • Receive triggered notifications upon guest’s arrival
  • Provide Virtual Access through registered devices
  • Automate access to Guest WiFi

Visitor management can be a poor user experience, when a high-valued client is invited to your building, they shouldn’t be greeted with forms to fill out or have to wait in line for check-in at reception. This goes for any other guest invited to your space.

PlaceOS creates a seamless user experience that focuses on workflow automation. When a guest has been sent an invite, the information they receive should have everything they need, then when they arrive at the building, through Meraki Wireless integrations PlaceOS detects that user and notifies the hosts that the guest has arrived. The guest is already able to make their way to the desired location and the host can meet them at the destination. PlaceOS integrations remove the need for any transactional elements so that you can focus on better user experience.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Wellness Check: Manage workplace health & safety with COVID questionnaires required to be completed before entry.
  • Guest Arrival notifications: Management and/or concierge can be notified as soon as the guest has arrived through device recognition.
  • Guest Wifi: The invitation can contain guest wifi details so when the guest arrives, they're automatically connected.