Visitor Tracking by PenguinIN

Smart Workplace

Upon visitor entry to building, PenguinIN visitor tracking solution (VTS) seamless check-in option issues badges, notifies hosts and provides wayfinding support with no wait times.

In case of an emergency or evacuation, our platform provides the real-time location and contact details of visitors within the building.

Our VTS platform is also able to track deliveries and provide traffic reporting. Some of the features our platform includes are:


Visitor Management

Visitor, their host or a receptionist can register a visit before or upon visitor arrival.  Registration confirmation is shared with visitor to ensure seamless check-in options.


Unauthorized Access Detection
Based on the visit destination and intended route, PenguinIN VTS platform offers unauthorized access detection to any restricted/non-allowed areas. Notifications/alerts will be sent to the concerned persons to act.


Reporting and Analytics
Built-in reporting tools which allow for searching and filtering visitor data including repeated visitors, check-in times and visit duration.


Integration Support
Integrates with access control systems, facility management and smart meeting room platforms using rich set of RESTful APIs. Using Meraki's Location APIs, PenguinIN works with clients deploying Meraki infrastructure to enable Visitor Tracking solution.


(*) Certain solution feature requires mobile application to be installed visitor's phone or for the visitor to be issue a hardware badge by receptionist.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Seamless check-in and check-out to handle the visitor self-registration and exit to reduce wait and host pick-up times. Available either at the reception, from a kiosk or through visitor’s mobile device.
  • Alert host of visitor arrival based on location and profile. Notify visitors that visit time is over with the option to extend.
  • Monitor location of visitors in real-time on a map with option to alert security if visitor is outside their supposed route or zone with option of breadcrumb route review.
  • Turn-by-turn wayfinding support with live location shown on map right to the meeting location.
  • Determine and provide the location and contact details of visitors within the building’s facilities in case of any emergency evacuation.

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