Helping Community Spaces Engage with their Patrons

WhoFi helps community spaces like libraries, parks, and museums stay relevant and well funded during a time of rapid technological change.  We provide simplified board reporting for directors to show the effectiveness of programming and expenditures.  In addition we allow you to see how and when your patrons are utilizing the community spaces.  And we do all of this with a focus on privacy for your patrons to ensure trust within the community.

Maybe you need additional funding from your board and need quality data to backup your stories.  Maybe you are trying to better align staffing levels and want to have this useful information at your fingertips.  Maybe your programming and other community events now happen as often online as they do in person.  If this sounds like you, then an integrated WiFi analytics and program planning solution from WhoFi can help your space stay top of mind in the community.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Board and Year End Reporting are simplified through a WhoFi and Meraki solution. Don't just tell them stories about your patrons. Show them how much the community values your space.
  • Better align staffing levels using insights to guide decision making.
  • Make informed decisions about programming and other community events.
  • Understand patron activity for both online and in-person programming.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! With a combined WhoFi and Meraki solution you can easily count the total numbers of patrons using the WiFi. You can also break down these numbers to identify the number of patrons using WiFi in the building or in the parking lot.
No. Using WhoFi with Meraki is as simple as copying and pasting a link from your WhoFi Dashboard to your Meraki Dashboard. No additional hardware or software is required.
We are privacy advocates at WhoFi. We anonymize all patron device information before it is stored in our system. This simplifies compliance because we're not storing personally identifiable information. This also builds trust within the community. We also never sell your data to 3rd parties. You own the data. You get the statistics that you need. Your patrons get the privacy they expect.
WhoFi is focused on helping community spaces like libraries, museums, parks, and others.