WiFi Marketing by VivaSpot

Collect Emails, Drive Traffic, Increase Revenue

Overview & Benefits:

VivaSpot automatically connects your POS, WiFi, CRM and customer’s smartphone, creating a powerful location-based marketing service that engages your customers, automates key marketing tasks and increases foot traffic and revenue.

  • Provides a turn-key, automated marketing solution by integrating your WiFi, POS, and CRM networks with remotely managed services.
  • Captures email addresses from 20-40% of customers visiting your business.
  • Automatically places captured emails into integrated CRM platforms such as MailChimp.
  • Drives incremental revenue through the delivery of rewards/coupons that are redeemable through a number of Point of Sale platforms (e.g. Clover)
  • Collects instant feedback from customers that increases customer satisfaction.  
  • Automatically emails customers rewards/coupons to incent return visits and spend. 
  • Automatically checks customers into Facebook and drives positive Facebook reviews
  • Integration with Yelp to drive Yelp Reviews and Yelp Deals.
  • Instantly change graphics, text and background images on sign-in splash pages to communicate important promotions, rewards or events.
  • Recognizes loyal customers and provides unique messages and rewards
  • Drive Facebook Likes, Twitters followers, Instagram followers and special actions like application downloads with one-click action buttons.
  • Easily access location-specific information on foot traffic, customer engagement, feedback, and ROI

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Automatically delivers coupons after WiFi login - either instantly or via email after the customer leaves the store - driving return foot traffic
  • Automatically capture customer feedback after WiFi Login - either instantly or via email - after the customer leaves the store.
  • Tag VIP customers so you are notified via email or text messaging the next time that customer is in your store or restaurant.
  • Coupons delivered to customers are automatically geocoded, notifying users the next time they are in proximity to the merchant location.
  • Automatically send emails with coupons to customers who have not been back to the Merchant Location for a specific number of days.
  • Automatically insert captured emails into your MailChimp or CRM platform, saving your time and increasing marketing efficiency.
  • Automatically check customers into Merchant's Facebook account upon WiFi Login.

Gallery & Videos

Customer Results

Batali & Bastianich uses VivaSpot for increasing customer traffic and acquiring new customers

B&B Hospitality Group uses VivaSpot in its restaurants around the country (New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and more) with the goal of capturing emails, driving existing customers back into the restaurant and cross-promoting their properties. On average, B&B restaurants acquire between 600-800 emails a month and leverages VivaSpot’s automated email marketing to drive those customers back to the restaurant with offers and rewards.