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Food halls, food courts, malls, stadiums, airports, etc can offer app-less mobile ordering to their patrons present at the venue.

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App-less Mobile Ordering

Hospitality marketplaces like food halls, malls, airports, stadium, theme parks, etc attract large crowd leading to long lines of customers waiting at the counter to place an order. This leads to poor customer experience and lost revenue.

Wifi Waiter allows patrons at the venue to order from anywhere in the property, so they spend more time with friends and family instead of standing in long lines at the counter. When the order is ready the vendors could send a text to the customer to pick up the food at the counter, or deliver the food to the table/ seat.

Wifi Waiter fits all formats of hospitality, with different use cases:

Food halls, malls, food courts and event venues: Mobile ordering from anywhere in the property and pickup at the counter.
Luxury Hotels and Resorts: Offer room service and pool-side service over wifi.
Budget Hotels: Partner with neighboring restaurants and offer new in-room dining experience.
Stadiums: Order from seat and get food and drinks delivered to seat.

Customer Results

  • alaMar Kitchen and Bar

    alaMar is a Michelin recommended restaurant run by Chef Nelson German. They operate as a fast casual venue and use Wifi Waiter to enable ordering at the table, through their existing Meraki wireless network. Wifi Waiter has improved sales as consumers order more items while ordering from their phone. The average ticket size is higher by 28% for orders received through Wifi Waiter.

Use Cases

  • Food Halls: Order from table side.
  • Stadiums: Order and pay from the seat and get the food.
  • Hotels & Resorts: Room service, pool-side ordering and other service request over wifi.
  • Concert venue and Movie theaters: Order for drinks without missing the show.
  • Airports: Explore available food vendor, order and delivery at the gate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wifi Waiter is supported on all phones, laptops, tablets that supports wifi. The ordering page automatically loads up on all iOS, Android phones, but might need the user to manually open browser in other phones.
No. Wifi Waiter only supports ordering solution. Free internet solution can be provided for special requirements.
User will have to connect to the wifi waiter SSID to place an order. During this period the phone continues to access data through cellular network. User can switch to internet access points after order placement is completed
Wifi Waiter integrates into the PoS network of the restaurant and sends orders straight to the receipt/ kitchen printers. This is a one time to be done for the restaurant.
No additional hardware needs to be installed to enable Wifi Waiter. The software can be enabled on existing Meraki network. Wifi Waiter provides a Windows app for the merchants, that can be installed on a tablet or back office computer at the restaurant to receive orders.
The service is offered on a per transaction fee model that can be either paid by the restaurant or passed on to the consumer as a convenience fee. There is a one time setup fee that has to be paid by the restaurants. Please contact our support team to get further details about the pricing.



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