Wifi Waiter

Mobile ordering over the wifi network enables guests to place order without downloading an app. This improves sales and reduces cost for hospitality.

Marketing Point of Sale

On-premise mobile ordering without an app

Hotels and Resorts that offer food and beverages through room service or at pool-side can now offer mobile ordering to their guests. Guests can place on order from their mobile, by simply connecting to a new wifi called "Room Service" or "Order at Pool Side". The menu for the location automatically loads up on the captive portal page and delivers an in-app experience, without need of downloading any app.

Wifi Waiter integrates into the existing PoS system and backend operations for the hotel to notify the kitchen/ bar of a new order. This helps the business to optimize operations with less staff. Wifi Waiter also increases sales by identifying loyal customers and customizing the menu offer based on previous ordering history.

Customer Results

Room service at boutique hotel in San Francisco

Room service has been incurring loss for the past few years at this location. This is because of drop in order volumes and increase in cost of operations. The costs can be reduced by automating ordering process, but most existing solutions like in-room tablets and voice assisted services are extremely expensive. We ran a pilot of Wifi Waiter on their existing network and below are the results: - 26% increase in average ticket size - $200 K/ year decrease in cost by automating ordering process

Use Cases

  • Hotels & Resorts: Room service, pool-side ordering and other service request over wifi.
  • Stadiums: 1. Single ordering platform for all concession stands at the location 2. Pre-ordering and pickup of food and drinks 3. Order and delivery to the seat 4. Online payment for orders
  • Movie theaters and event venues: 1. Ordering and delivery of food and drinks from the seat 2. Online payment for orders
  • Night clubs and concert venue: 1. Ordering for drinks and delivery at the table 2. Pre-ordering drinks and pickup at the bar 3. Online payment for orders
  • Airport and mall food court: 1. Single ordering platform for all vendors at the location 2. Online payment for orders
  • Restaurants: 1. Table-side ordering service without need of hiring service staff. 2. Online payment for orders

Frequently Asked Questions

Wifi Waiter is supported on all phones, laptops, tablets that supports wifi. The ordering page automatically loads up on all iOS, Android phones, but might need the user to manually open browser in other phones.
No. Wifi Waiter only supports ordering solution. Free internet solution can be provided for special requirements.
User will have to connect to the wifi waiter SSID to place an order. During this period the phone continues to access data through phone plan. User can switch to internet access points after order placement is completed
Wifi Waiter integrates into backed operations for the restaurant/ kitchen and sends orders straight to the station printers. For further information contact support.
No additional hardware needs to be installed to enable Wifi Waiter. The software can be enabled on existing Meraki network and the existing PoS system.
The service is available on an annual subscription basis, based on the size of location or wifi infrastructure. Contact sales for details.



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