X-Mode Location Panel

Drive Incremental Value With Location Intelligence

X-Mode’s Vision is to create the modern day offline cookie that empowers companies with the highest quality and most accurate data.

X-Mode accomplishes this by partnering with apps that have always-on location, and through building proprietary apps. X-Mode is building a location panel out of millions of mobile devices around the world. Collecting always-on location with an SDK methodology makes our data incredibly precise. Couple that with beacons/sensors & Meraki WiFi and BLE Signals, Cisco Meraki and X-Mode combined can provide the highest quality visitation product on the market.

Currently the X-Mode location panel has 30M DAU and 70M MAU and growing. Overlay our data panel with your Cisco Meraki access points to capture more customers with accurate visitation data. 

Does your Organization have a consumer app?

X-Mode partners with brands and companies that have proprietary consumer apps such as shopping apps or fitness apps, to expand offline insights on their customers, such as where their customers spend time, how they move around, including competitor analysis. 

Data licensing for location targeting and insights:

X-Mode also offers raw and segmented location data products from their panel.

Customers using X-Mode location based segments for digital campaign targeting have seen up to 10x CTR and 3x - 5x return on investment.

Data licensing to measure foot traffic and client journey:

X-Mode measures foot traffic from their network within physical locations, along with where the customer goes beyond the brick-and-mortar. Businesses can see where these customers go when they leave their store.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Gain analytics about customers through location data by integrating the X-Mode SDK into your application
  • Extend marketing reach through X-Mode’s network of 65M+ monthly devices
  • Measure foot traffic from X-Mode’s network and understand where customers go outside of your business
  • Gain insight on customers who go to competitors to level up conquest strategy

Frequently Asked Questions

A Software Development Kit allows the creation of applications for a certain software‌‌ package, software framework, or similar development platform. ‌To enrich applications with advanced functionalities, analytics, advertisements, push notifications ‌and more, most app developers implement specific software development kits.
No - It’s all in the background.
It is 500 MB each on iOS and Android