Yelp WiFi

Yelp WiFi makes it easy to capture customer emails, send promotions, and track campaign performance.

Location Analytics Marketing

Collect customer information & send promotions

Customer Results

Yelp WiFi Works for Mac’s & Mondelēz

Mondelez International, one of the world’s largest snack companies, teamed up with convenience store chain Mac’s, to find a solution for bringing customers back into their stores. Over 30 days, Mac’s ran 6 different promotional offers distributed to consumers depending on visit frequency. Mac's not only captured valuable customer data, but saw an 81% increase in sign-ins over the prior 30-day period. Read the full case study here.

Use Cases

  • Send special offers to the most frequent visitors or encourage one-time visitors to return
  • Automatically reach out to customers you haven’t seen in a while to bring them back
  • For public WiFi deployments, deliver valuable insights to local businesses on potential customers
  • Use foot traffic data and sign-ins to prove value to potential retailers in new commercial and shopping mall developments

Support Details

Check out Yelp WiFi's documentation <a href= "">here</a>