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Zenreach Attract leverages the data you have collected to build and measure effective advertising campaigns across social and programmatic channels.

Understand the effectiveness of your advertising

The power of online data, harnessed for the offline world.

Zenreach Attract closes the loop of brick-and-mortar businesses’ online and offline marketing by using data captured when customers log in to the in-store WiFi network to build customer profiles, track their visit behavior, and serve targeted ads.  (See our Zenreach Attract whitepaper here.)

During the COVID-19 outbreak, our clients have used our product to stay in constant communication with their customers, keeping them apprised of new offerings, modified store hours, and special discounts. Additionally, clients are able leverage the Zenreach proprietary network of over 50 million users to target and engage users outside of their own networks based on consumer behavior. 

Zenreach enables you to do:

    • Customer DetectionOur nationwide network of access points means we can recognize 1 in 6 of the customers visiting your business. We use those customer profiles to build smarter audiences based on your best customers, not online approximations.
    • People-Centric TargetingYour campaigns should target actual customers. Zenreach's real-world data helps you target people based on their behavior and location.
    • Full ServiceOnline ad campaigns are hard to set up and manage. With Zenreach, your campaign manager handles the design, audience creation and launch of your ad campaigns from start to finish.
    • Walk-Through RateYou measure the results of your marketing with our Walk-Through Rate™ — the number of people who actually visit your business after seeing your message. Watch ROI walk right through your door.
    • InsightsUnderstand who your customers are, even where else they’ve been. By understanding Walk-Throughs, Zenreach provides you details on cost and revenue per Walk-Through, return on ad spend and customer lifetime value.
    • Audience optimizationOptimize for the outcome that matters — in-store results. To optimize your advertising, Zenreach is able to consider performance by segment, time of day, even variable geo-fencing.

Zenreach and Meraki have partnered to enable businesses to unlock the power of guest WiFi with a seamless integration and free trial for all new and existing Meraki clients! 

Customer Results

  • Zenreach Helps Bad Daddy's Navigate COVID-19 Crisis

    Zenreach advised Bad Daddy’s to shift their entire online marketing spend to focus on takeout and delivery through online ordering. Bad Daddy’s agreed to run one campaign with a single set of creative across all 38 locations’ zip codes targeting individuals within a five-mile radius. “With the pandemic doing a number on our bottom line, Zenreach responded with lightning speed to help us shift our ad spend. With their help, we’ve been able to make up a ton of lost ground.” - VP Marketing

Use Cases

  • Retain your current customers through automated and personalized marketing campaigns
  • Attract new visitors that look and behave like your most loyal customers
  • Create custom audiences leveraging Zenreach's proprietary network of over 500 million devices

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