Footfall Analytics Guest WiFi Online to Offline Marketing

Turn your Meraki APs into a WiFi powered customer engagement platform!

Transform the way you engage with your customers

The power of online data, harnessed for the offline world.

Zenreach helps businesses build real relationships that have real impact. Which is a difficult challenge for offline businesses. Fact is, while the online world can provide an amazing volume of data about customer demographics and behavior, over 90% of all purchases still happen in brick-and-mortar businesses.

We’re working to close the loop on this online-offline divide. Our robust and personalized smart solutions can help any business, from the corner retail shop to the largest restaurant chain, create meaningful connections with their customers.


Zenreach enables you to:

  • Seamlessly collect customer contact information via a branded captive portal
    • Customers using Zenreach 5x the size of their CRM and reduce the cost of acquiring contact information by over 85%
  • Automate personalized marketing campaigns to visitors via email, social, or any digital medium 
    • Visitors that log-in to Zenreach visit the location 65% more frequently than those who do not join your WiFi
  • Measure the effectiveness of campaigns by closing the loop between a digital marketing event and a real-world visit
    • Leverage the Walk-through Rate to measure how many visitors return within 7-days of receiving a marketing campaign

Zenreach and Meraki have partnered to enable businesses to unlock the power of guest WiFi with a seamless integration and free trial for all new and existing Meraki clients! 

Customer Results

  • Peet's Coffee drives new customer acquisition

    Peet's Coffee partnered with Zenreach across their 250 locations to seamlessly identify the visitors at their locations across the US, create meaningful customer segmentation to facilitate audience creation, and drive new customers into their locations via strategic targeted digital campaigns. Leveraging Zenreach's proprietary presence network, Peet's was able to outperform Facebook's traditional audience creation tools by over 4x!

Use Cases

  • Retain your current customers through automated and personalized marketing campaigns
  • Attract new visitors that look and behave like your most loyal customers
  • Create custom audiences leveraging Zenreach's proprietary network of over 500 million devices



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