If you can see it, we can sense it

The Power of Visual Sensing
A single camera coupled with Zensors AI can be turned into any number of virtual sensors. From counting objects and cars, to bags, trash and more complex custom events, Zensors turns one video feed into actionable data streams.

Analytics For the Physical World
Meticulous, human powered data collection can be a thing of the past. What was once expensive, error prone, and time consuming is now simple and cost effective.

Setup AI in Minutes
Pick one of our prebuilt questions or write your own in plain, simple English. Our AI will process the image and output a data feed at a user-defined interval. The Zensors platform provides you with rich analytics and operational improvements by letting the AI watch the scene and then push notifications in real time.

Zensors can work across a number of different settings.

  • Retail Stores
  • Industrial Use-cases
  • Smart City 
  • Automated Parking
  • Airports and Transit systems
  • Smart Office Spaces


Key Features

Use Cases

  • Usage based labor scheduling and forecasting
  • Queue & Wait Time Management: Zensor’s cloud-based ai video analytics utilizes deep learning models to provide flexibility to remotely monitor and manage queue by setting custom questions for each location. The use of artificial intelligence technology for automated people counting provides real-time status visibility for both managers and campus visitors.
  • COVID-19 compliance management: - Monitor Covid compliance, like mask detection, and other back to work issues - Stay compliant with region-specific store capacity thresholds by supporting staff with real-time alerts, aiding them in managing new visitors acccordingly. - Set a per-store threshold and ensure that you are not at risk of noncompliance as local laws are constantly changing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Zensors charges a monthly service fee per device that is based on the bundle of selected use-cases. Please contact us for pricing and package details
Zensors is ideal for large complex environments due to the fact that Zensors AI can accurately detect any object (people, packages, vehicles, carts, strollers...) in any environment (indoor, outdoor, night/day, rain, or snow…) Zensors is a cloud-based service using existing video equipment and no IT hardware to delivering video analytic capabilities with no set up costs, Cap Ex, IT integration cost or lead-time.
Mass Transit Grocery Big Box Retail Airport Smart Office Smart City Gov/Mil Education Industrial & Manufacturing


Find more details on Zensors at https://www.zensors.com/deployment-faq Please contact Zensors at https://www.zensors.com/contact/