About Meraki Marketplace

Meraki’s Marketplace is an exclusive catalog of Technology Partners—showcasing their applications that are developed on top of the Meraki platform for Meraki customers, sales and partners to view, demo and deploy.

Technology Partner Benefits

  • Zero cost advertising
  • Automated lead generation sent directly to your organization from App Directory
  • A single repository for Meraki’s 250K+ unique customers (5.5 million active dashboards)
  • Thousands of Cisco/Meraki account managers viewing and recommending your solution
  • 13,000+ transacting partners viewing, integrating with and purchasing your solution.
  • Inclusion in Meraki API discussion and development
  • Access to quarterly webinars with API, product, and feature updates


Site Inclusion Criteria

In order to be hosted on apps.meraki.io, technology partners must meet the following criteria:

  1. Product: Must have a defined product offer that is available for out-of-box use and purchase.
  2. Trial: Must have a trial process in which a customer can trial the candidate’s product alongside the trial of Meraki product.
  3. Distributor: Must create an account with and be listed as a vendor of at least one Cisco-approved distributor.
  4. Integration Guide: Must provide an integration guide; the integration guide will detail the steps a customer would take to integrate the candidate’s product with the Meraki platform. This guide will be hosted on the site alongside candidate’s product.
  5. Channel Program: Must have a channel program and strategy available for Meraki resellers.

Meraki reserves the right to refuse eligibility of Technology Partner categorization or AppSpace inclusion. Criteria for Technology Partner categorization and site inclusion are subject to change without notice. Technology Partner categorization and site inclusion are not permanent and can be withdrawn at any time.



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